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The Tereljmaa Spa Boutique

Continue your spa experience at home with our wide range of products. All spa products used in the treatments are available for purchase, and our therapists can advise you which to choose for the best results.

Body Treatments

Floatation Experience 45 min

Relax as you have never relaxed before. Experience another world by having a face and scalp massage while floating on water. Once relaxed, be submerged in warmth. After 30 minutes of sleep you will feel completely renewed. Enhance any treatment by adding this 30 minute experience.

Body Wraps by Aromatherapy Associates:

Rose-Hydrating Cocoon Wrap 60 min
A nurturing and pampering treatment designed to uplift the spirits and nourish the skin. Firstly your skin will be exfoliated leaving it glowing and silky-soft, then revitalized by rich oils and creams. Once enveloped, you will enjoy an Ayurvedic scalp massage to balance and calm.

De-Stress Soother Wrap 60 min
Relax completely and feel thousands of miles away from the complexities of everyday life. After exfoliation, your body is enveloped in a stress-relieving wrap while your neck, shoulders and scalp are massaged to ease all tensions.

Detox Reviver Wrap 60 min
Perfect for the fatigued or jet-lagged. Not only will you feel cleansed from within, but ready for an evening of festivity. Using a unique combination from the “revive” range of Aromatherapy Associates oils, while your skin and senses are invigorated you will enjoy a scalp and reflex foot massage.

Cocoon Body Wraps by Phytomer:

Sea Essential Detoxifying Wrap 60 min
Remove all toxins from the body and tackle those areas of cellulite to feel like a new person. This body wrap is the perfect quick fix just before a special event or a primary treatment to prepare the skin to receive the full benefits of a complimentary treatment.

Sea Essential Contouring Wrap 60 min
Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by the application of a specialized sea mud to contour and firm stubborn areas. Once wrapped, enjoy an eye and scalp massage before revealing a fabulous new you.

Sea Essential Revitalizing Wrap 60 min
Restore essential minerals to renew your body with this body wrap for immediate revitalization. This is the ideal treatment for the fatigued and stressed to leave you feeling refreshed and luminous.

Sea Essential Satin Treatment 45 min
This is the perfect express treatment to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Begin with an entire body scrub using Phytomer’s luxurious Toning Body Scrub. Your skin is then prepared for hydration with Phytomer’s Body Milk, which is applied with a light, relaxing massage to guarantee you will emerge with renewed, silky skin.

Phytomer Sea Holistic Radiance Treatment 120 min                                                                Featuring the beneficial properties of Phytomer’s unique sea salt and lavender bolus combined with holistic Thai massage techniques this treatment provides an escape to a world of pure relaxation. Specifically designed for the face and body to bring about a unique moment of relaxation and tranquility whilst leaving the skin exquisitely silky and smooth.


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